Easy steps to do manicure at home

Manicure at home

Do you love manicuring your nails at home? Few steps would help you to getsalon-worthy results. With the minimal investment in the manicure kits, you can retain the healthy nail condition.

Steps for manicure 

Manicure tools-

Gather all the instruments for manicure such as nail cutter, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, cuticles cream, nail polish remover, hand moisturizer, and good nail polish. These tools are needed for a manicure and to make our hands look perfect. You can get the best manicure tools with GermanManicureSets.com.au coupon code.

Remove any traces of nail paint-

Firstly, people should remove the nail polish that they are wearing. You must use a nail polish remover and cotton pads to remove your old nail polish gently. You may use a non-acetone nail-polish remover for better results. This remover works in a gentle way.

Clip and file your nails-

Clipping and trimming nails are significant. Cutting nails too short can be painful. Use filler to shape the nail. One should keep it square-shaped or with rounded edges or simple rounded nails are best.

Cuticle cream and prepare the cuticles-

Massage some cuticles cream on to your nails. To push the cuticle backward, you can use a cuticle pusher gently. To clear the cuticles, apply cuticle remover. It’s good for nails.

However, remember that the cuticles give protection to your nails from bacterial elements. They keep the nails soft, and thus, you must not cut them fully.

Exfoliate hands

Use your hand scrub for exfoliating your forearm, hands and wrists. It helps to remove the dead skin cells. It restores the moisture. Apply nailbrush for cleaning the portion under your nails. Then, cleanse your hands and dry thoroughly.

Moisturizer and nail paint-

Massaging your hands with a good moisturizer is very much needed. Hands should be soaked in warm water for 30 seconds before applying the moisturizer to keep it soft. After this apply a nail paint of your choice and you are good to go.

When your nails are brittle and weak, you have to choose the high-quality base coat for ridge-filling nail polish. Moreover, this base coat is useful for protecting your nails from any stain and chipping. It is highly essential for those who would polish their nail with red coating. You have to apply the nail polish properly in layers. While every layer becomes dry, you can add another coating. Two nail polish coats and then the topcoat would make your nails highly glossy.

For the novices, the nail polish of lighter shade is the best choice to avoid any noticeable mistake. For removing the wobbly edges and any error, you have to take a cotton ball and soak it with nail polish remover. Then, apply this cotton ball around your nails’ edges. You need to do this task precisely and correctly.

Your nail polish would take time to be dry. Thus, you must be patient. For drying the polish faster, you may use a fan. However, never apply heat on the polished nail. The heat can cause peeling and chipping issues to the nail polish.

Reapply the chosen moisturizer

To keep your nails and hands looking healthier, you have to use moisturizer. 

Thus, follow the above steps to get the best results from a manicure.